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Diversity Center
Multicultural Programs and Services

Multicultural Student Mentor Program

The Multicultural Student Mentoring program mission is to provide personal support, assistance, social guidance, and positive campus survival skills through strong mentoring communities and one-on-one mentoring by developing activities and interactions with upper-class students to address personal needs, thus contributing to their academic success, and enhancing the Butler University ‘s efforts in recruiting, retaining, and graduating students of color and marginalized backgrounds.

Being a Multicultural Student Mentor includes:

  • Providing leadership and assistance with the Dawg Days 2.0 Diversity Pre-Orientation Program.
  • Mentoring incoming first-year students from diverse populations throughout the academic year.
  • Attending cultural and social awareness diversity leadership training workshops and events with Mentees.
  • Presenting and/or participating in co-curricular diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.
  • Providing peer resources to first-year students in the academic advising and the registration process.
  • Attending monthly MCSM meetings to continue their learning and debriefing on their success and challenges.
  • Assist with Multicultural Student recuitment with collaboration of the Admissions Office.

Multicultural Student Mentors serve in this leadership position throughout the academic year.

*Any student requesting a mentor can be assigned/ apply throughout the academic year.

Please contact Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs and Services, Thalia Anguiano at