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Multi-Cultural Student Mentor Program (MCSM)

Multi-Cultural Student Mentor is a student who will dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to the program.  One hour per week will be with Dr. Gina in training and debriefing, with the remaining hours spent with your mentee.  The mentee will be a participant of the annual Dawg Days program.

Multi-Cultural Student Mentors are students who have completed mentorship training on several facets of college life including, but not limited to:  gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and academia.  This program is a wonderful opportunity for those selected to bond with our Dawg Days participants from underrepresented populations.  In doing so, Multi-Cultural Student Mentors will help them transition into the campus culture and environment, and assist them with their personal growth while at Butler University.

Being a Multi-Cultural Student Mentor includes:

  • Providing leadership and assistance with the Dawg Days Diversity Pre-Orientation Program.
  • Mentoring incoming first-year students from diverse populations throughout the academic year.
  • Attending cultural diversity leadership training workshops.
  • Presenting and/or participating in co-curricular diversity programs.
  • Assisting first-year students from diverse populations with move-in and social acclimation to the Butler campus.
  • Providing peer resources to first-year students in the academic advising and the registration process.
  • Attending weekly MCSM meetings to continue their learning and debriefing on their success and challenges.

Multi-Cultural Student Mentors serve in this leadership position throughout the academic year. The selection process is conducted in April for the subsequent academic year.