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Student Disability Services

Snow Removal Policy and Procedures

Snow removal policy and procedures are designed to help ensure access for students who are registered through Student Disability Services (SDS) and whose disabilities impact their ability to traverse campus during seasons of inclement weather. For more information about how to register for services through SDS, please refer to the Documentation page or visit Jordan Hall, Room 136.

Student Disability Services (SDS) relies on the collaborative efforts of Maintenance Services personnel to facilitate the snow removal process. Although priority snow removal can be very helpful to students with disabilities, during periods of heavy/continuous snowfall or very icy conditions, students with mobility or visual impairments should anticipate they may experience difficulties when walking across campus. During severe weather, students with disabilities are encouraged to remain aware of weather conditions and to plan their campus travel routes accordingly.

The following procedures identify the responsibilities of SDS, students with relevant disabilities, and Maintenance Services Personnel. 

Student Responsibilities

  • Students should refer to the campus map that has been prepared by Maintenance Services and provided by SDS in order to identify priority snow removal routes.
  • Students are encouraged to plan paths of travel which make use of the routes identified on the priority snow removal map. This may require that students use routes they might not generally use when snow has not created a barrier to access.
  • Students should call the 'Access Hotline' in Maintenance Services at 317-940-9393 to report barriers which result from snowfall. The Hotline number will be answered between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM and provides immediate contact with Butler University's Maintenance Services Department. For access issues that occur after hours, students should contact Butler University Police Department at 317-940-9396.
  • Students must notify the Director of SDS at, or by phone at 317-940-9308, to report a snow barrier that has not been removed in a timely manner.

SDS Responsibilities

  • SDS will work with Maintenance Services to develop and disseminate campus maps that identify the priority snow removal routes.
  • The Director of SDS will contact and work with Maintenance Services in response to reports of snow-related barriers which are not removed in a timely manner.

Maintenance Services Responsibilities

  • Maintenance Services will develop and maintain a campus map which identifies priority snow removal routes.
  • Maintenance Services personnel will clear snow from priority routes before dispatching equipment and crews to non-priority routes.
  • Maintenance Services personnel will clear paths of travel from building to building, automatic door opener to automatic door opener, and will be cognizant of additional access barriers (stairs, etc) in selecting routes to be cleared.
  • Maintenance Services personnel will contact SDS to report problems with snow removal.

View the Snow Removal map