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Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services Alumni

Moving Forward, Achieving Success

Ryan Alsman, 2014 and 2018

Ryan Alsman - Finance, Management Information Systems (2014), & Master of Business Administration (2018)

Ryan is a two-time Butler graduate, having returned to complete his MBA after completing his undergraduate studies in business in 2014.  He credits his Butler education for preparing him for life post-graduation, highlighting that Butler’s “emphasis on experiential learning, internships, and professional development has led me to be significantly more prepared for a full-time role than many of my peers.”  Ryan feels that utilizing SDS during his time as a Butler student helped to simplify his conversations with professors about accommodations he needed in the classroom.  Ryan is currently working as a Senior Financial Analyst at Salesforce. 


Ryan Kelly, 2016

Ryan Kelly - Majors in Finance and Risk Management & Insurance

Ryan correlates his time as a student at Butler with his confidence in who he is and who he wants to be:  “Butler supplied the tools to allow me to get to where I wanted to be in the future…and had a strong focus on teaching students how to learn and how to apply the knowledge you gain to your everyday life.”  Ryan feels that working with SDS for accommodations as a student further improved his ability to be a good student and “taught me how to have a balance in my life.”  He met with a disability specialist freshman year who “went over my schedule step by step.  This taught me how to be more effective with my time,” and he used those skills throughout his four years at Butler.  After graduating in 2016, Ryan moved to Ferdinand, Indiana and worked briefly for the Supplemental Income Department at the Social Security Administration.  He is now a Pricing and Promotions Supervisor with MasterBrand Cabinets, having received a promotion to that position after only one year with the company.


Meg McIlvenna, 2018


Meg McIlvenna - Actuarial Science Major with a minor in Business

Meg feels that Butler University prepared her for life after graduation in more ways than one.  She attributes the education she received at Butler to her preparedness for both her professional life and adult personal life, but also to her confidence in and understanding of her passions.  Because of this confidence, Meg felt prepared to step into a multitude of different career paths. 

Meg credits her use of services at SDS for some of her success, stating “I know that utilizing SDS not only aided the GPA I feel proud of today, but made me feel confident in my abilities to conquer college.  SDS gave me a comfortable and quiet space to take exams, ask questions, or receive extra help in certain situations.  They have helped me feel comfortable asking for help.”

After graduation in 2018, Meg started her career as a Cyber Account Manager for an insurance wholesale brokerage firm in Chicago, but she feels that the Butler community is still with her no matter where she goes: “Butler truly cultivates a community of C.A.R.E on a worldwide scale…the Butler community reaches beyond the Butler campus, because you can always find a fellow dawg within any city to connect.”  Meg is currently studying for her producer license to keep up her education within the insurance agency, and feels that her background in actuarial science has been a real benefit in aiding her team and acquiring new accounts.  “I was full of pride to be a student at Butler in my time there, but more importantly, I am honored to be a lifetime Butler graduate.”


Melanie (Shrontz) Zegar, 2018

Melanie (Shrontz) Zegar - Health Science & a Master of Physician Assistant Studies, 2018

Melanie credits her time at Butler and the challenges she encountered as a student for preparing her to handle real-life challenging situations.  Indeed, she feels that the Physician Assistant program truly prepared her well for taking her national board certification exam; she passed that exam on the first attempt after graduation.   Melanie utilized SDS accommodations for all six years of her program at Butler, and feels that doing so really helped her perform to the best of her ability on exams.  “SDS also helped teach me to advocate for myself as a person with a disability.”  In instances where she needed some additional support, “SDS rose to the challenge and helped advocate for me to attain the resources I needed to be successful.”  She fondly remembers her role as a founding member of the SDS Student Council (now morphed into the honor society Delta Alpha Pi), as one of her favorite SDS experiences.  As a member of that council, Melanie had the opportunity to help decrease stigma around the idea of disability and raise awareness of SDS services at Butler.  Melanie adds, “I feel so fortunate to have had the support of SDS since I was a freshman at Butler.  They practically watched me grow up.  I truly would not be where I am today without them.” After graduating with her Master’s in 2018, Melanie got married and moved to Cincinnati with her husband.  She recently started a new job as a Hospitalist at Atrium Medical Center with the Premier Health Network.