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Student Disability Services

Accommodation Procedures for Faculty

The provision of academic accommodations is a responsibility that needs to be shared by all members of the University community and requires the active participation of all involved, especially faculty members.

  1. Student Disability Services (SDS) needs to be involved in all accommodation decisions in order to standardize the process and help ensure the University and its constituents remain in compliance with legal mandates.
  2. SDS will notify professors about approved accommodations through an accommodation letter, with student's written permission. Due to confidentiality mandates, specific information about the disability cannot generally be shared.
  3. Students are responsible for discussing accommodation requests with professors. Professors are not responsible if a student does not make a request for accommodations, but they are encouraged to contact SDS (JH 136, x9308) with any concerns regarding a student with a disability. SDS will follow up on the concern with the student.
  4. Professors are encouraged to deliver exam accommodations when possible; SDS is available to assist when needed.
  5. SDS can administer exams in the SDS testing center in JH 136. SDS students will initiate the process by submitting an SDS electronic Accommodated Exam Request Form. The exam request form and all associated correspondence is handled electronically through an automated process. Students can access the form online.
  6. Next, SDS will confirm the course number and the student's eligibility for exam accommodations and forward the request form to the instructor for approval OR for further discussion with the student.  The subject line of the email will state "SDS Exam Request Submitted-Response Needed." 
  7. The faculty member will be able to generate a reply with ease.  Your quick response will be much appreciated as it will allow SDS to make the necessary exam arrangements in the timely manner required.
  8. Faculty will also be able to attach and upload their exam for secure transmission to SDS when they respond to the accommodated exam request.
  9. We request a week's advanced notice for accommodated exams in order to allow time to make the necessary preparations. However, we are legally advised to deliver exams with less notice and SDS will gladly do so as long as space and proctoring requirements allow.
  10. Extended time limits must be calculated based upon the amount of time the other students in the class actually receive for the completion of the exam. If a professor makes a planned or spontaneous decision to change exam time allotments, SDS must be notified immediately so that extended time limits can be properly recalculated. Contact SDS at x9308 or
  11. If a student requests an accommodation but the professor has not received an accommodation letter, please refer the student to SDS in JH 136 and document the referral. Professors are not required to deliver accommodations that have not been verified and authorized by SDS.
  12. Professors should not deny accommodations that have been approved by SDS. Instead, please contact SDS for discussion if there is an accommodation concern or dispute. In cases of dispute, accommodations must be delivered until a resolution has been reached.
  13. SDS welcomes the opportunity to provide consultation regarding disability matters. Please contact us at JH 136 or x9308 for assistance.

Butler University is committed to treating all individuals within the university, including those with disabilities, in a fair and equitable manner.  Furthermore, it is the policy and practice of the university to comply with the American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Under these laws, no otherwise qualified individual with a disability will be denied access to or participation in services, programs, and activities at Butler University.