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Xianming Han

Professor - Physics Physics and Astronomy - LAS
Xianming Han


GH 229

Ph.D., 1989, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, 1989-1991, University of Idaho, Moscow.

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, 1991-present, Butler University, Indianapolis.

Recent teaching duties:

NW 262-PH Physical World, usually taught in the spring semester.

PH 351 Analog electronics, usually taught in the fall semester.

PH 311 Experimental Modern Physics, usually taught in the spring semester.

PH 303 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics

Research interests:

Asteroids: their rotations and shapes through photometry.

Eclipsing binary star systems: their sizes, temperatures, periods, mass transfer, magnetic activities.

Time-dependent optogalvanic effects.