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Tiberiu Popa

Professor - Philosophy Department of Philosophy, Religion and Classics
Tiberiu Popa

General background

Dr. Tiberiu Popa studied classical languages and literature at the University of Bucharest as well as at the University of Amsterdam. He taught both Greek and Latin at the University of Bucharest before embarking on a yearlong fellowship at the Hungarian Institute for Advanced Study in Budapest. As he was becoming increasingly interested in the history of philosophical and scientific ideas, he accepted a Mellon Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh where he pursued his doctoral studies (he defended his dissertation in 2005).

Tiberiu Popa's research and publications focus mainly on ancient philosophy and science, although some of his projects are relevant to contemporary theories and concerns (e.g. in the philosophy of time and theories of dispositions).

While Tiberiu Popa is a specialist in classical philosophy, his interests and teaching competence extend well beyond this area. At Butler University he has taught courses on philosophical topics and fields ranging from bioethics and the history and philosophy of medicine to topics that are closer to his ongoing research: upper level courses on ancient philosophy, an honors seminar on the history of the idea of time and an upper division philosophy seminar on the history of the idea of nature