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Stacy O'Reilly

Professor - Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry - LAS


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry, August 1996.

Research Advisor: Professor Joseph L. Templeton.

Transylvania University, Lexington, KY  40508.

Received BA in Chemistry with minor in Mathematics.

Graduated June of 1991.

Research Interests:

Use of copper hydride catalysts for controlled addition toketones

Creating connections amongst undergraduate syntheticexperiences

Transforming glycerol into a chemical feedstock throughgreen chemistry

Courses Taught:

General Chemistry 1 and 2: required course forchemistry, biology and other science majors.

Inorganic Chemistry andAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry: two one-semester courses dealing with all aspects ofinorganic chemistry from periodic trends to organometallic catalysts. 

Inorganic ChemistryLaboratory and Synthesis and Characterization:  advancedlabs focusing on the synthesis of metal complexes and their application toorganic transformations. 

Chemistry and Society: general requirement course designed for non-sciencemajors with an emphasis on the role of chemistry in current issues.

Organometallics:  advanced special topics course coveringtransition metal organometallic species from theory to applications in organicsynthesis.

Organic ChemistryLaboratory 1 and 2:  laboratory to component toOrganic Chemistry lecture.  Lab designedto focus on basic synthetic techniques and build connections between lecturecontent and laboratory experiments.