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Sudip Das

Professor - Pharmaceutics Pharmaceutical Sciences - COPHS
Sudip Das

Dr. Das is a professor of pharmaceutical sciences in pharmaceutical sciences at Butler University,College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. He also served as the chair of the department of pharmaceutical sciences from 2004-2009 and director of graduate program in pharmaceutical sciences from 2004-2018. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Medicine, Indiana University.

Dr. Das has over twenty-five years of teaching experience in the professional pharmacy and graduate programs in the USA and Canada. He has supervised over thirty postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate research students, and was the key faculty responsible for the revitalization of the graduate program and research infrastructure in pharmaceutical sciences at Butler University. His current research involves targeted delivery of siRNA and nano-composites for the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Das has over 150 research publications, review articles, patents, proceedings, conference presentations, and book chapters, is a recipient of multiple awards/honors, and has secured extramural research funding from NIH, PDA, and several pharmaceutical industries.

Dr. Das is also an active member of AAPS (since 1991) and CRS (Controlled Release Society, since 1987). He has served on many committees of the PDD/PPB and BIOTEC sections of AAPS (member since 1991).  .Since 2004, He has been serving on several study sections for the NIH - Center for Scientific Review since 2004, and continues to serve on the editorial boards of on journals in drug delivery and cancer therapy.

Dr. Das has been an active member of AACP since 1994, where he became an AACP Leadership Fellow (2006), and served as the chair-elect, chair and immediate past chair of the Teachers of Pharmaceutics Section (2006-09). From 2008-11, Dr. Das served as the founding chair and immediate past chair of the AACP Council of Sections,where he led the task of developing the mission and goals of the new council,and created various task forces supporting the missions of the AACP sections.He has also served on the AACP Board of Directors (2008-11), Editorial Board of AJPE (2006 – 2018), AACP Research & Graduate Affairs and the Bylaws and Policy Development Committees, along with various AACP Task Forces.

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Research areas: Nanomedicine,biomaterials & bioengineering, targeted delivery of anticancer drugs,modulation of MDR in cancer, delivery of siRNA, 3D cell culture, microfluidics, formulation development of poorly soluble drugs and stability studies of pharmaceuticals.