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Robin Turner

Associate Professor - Political Science Political Science - LAS
Robin Turner

I am an associate professor of political science, affiliate faculty in the interdisciplinary Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies; International Studies; Peace and Conflict Studies; & Science, Technology, Environment and Society programs at Butler University and a visiting research associate of the Society, Work, and Development Institute (SWOP) at the University of the Witswatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa . I earned a doctorate in political science at the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Social Science (African politics) from the University of Cape Town (South Africa). 

My research, writing, and teaching span multiple fields, including political science, African studies, development studies, tourism studies, political ecology, and geography. The courses I teach at Butler contribute to the political science major and minor, to the core curriculum, and to several interdiscplinary programs. I have worked with several student apprentices and also advise honors theses.  

  • FYS 101-2 Travelers & Tourists: Self, Development, and the Other
  • GHS 206 Resistance and Reaction: Resistance and Reaction: Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Africa
  • PO 151 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PO 201 Research and Analysis
  • PO 350 African Politics
  • PO 351 Politics of Gender & Sexuality in Africa
  • PO 352 Comparative Political Economy PO 354 Environmental Justice
  • PO 490 Senior Seminar on Politics and Patronage / Senior Seminar on Political Economy
  • SW 245/PO Politics from the Margins

My research focuses principally on state-society relations and political economy in southern Africa. I use interviews, ethnography, archival research, and surveys to examine the interplay between state policies and local practices over time and to look closely at how past and present ways of structuring property and authority shape local political economies and influence constructions of identity.

Curriculum Vitae