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Paul Morgan

Senior Lecturer - Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry - LAS
Paul Morgan



I obtained my BS in medical technology from California University of Pennsylvania in 1993.  While working at various health care organizations specializing in pre-transfusion testing, I completed post-baccalaureate courses in chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh.  In 2001 I transitioned to full time graduate studies at Pitt and obtained my PhD in organic chemistry in 2007.

One of my passions is exposing and inspiring young people to the wonder of science, and I have been involved for over five years in planning and presenting public outreach events related to chemistry and STEM (science technology engineering and math) fields.  This involvement has led to my service on the board of directors for a non-profit organization, the Science Education Foundation of Indiana, and as treasurer for the Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society.  But the work relted to outreach that I have the greatest pride in is the course, Chemistry in the Community, that I developed and teach at Butler University.  This course brings students out into the community and exposes them to the joys and challenges of STEM outreach, potentially inspiring their continued interest in sharing science with others.

Starting  in June of 2018, I was appointed to be one of the two pre-health professions advisors at Butler University.  This position allows me to work both with students and colleagues to ensure Butler graduates are well prepared to attend graduate and professional programs in the health professions.  

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