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Michael Vance

Professor - Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Sciences - COPHS
Michael Vance

Education:  BS pharmacy, Northeastern University; PhD Phamacology, Northeastern University

Courses: Principles of Drug Action; Toxicology; Drug Abuse Pharmacology; Global and Historic Studies

Research Interests: Toxicology of drugs and other chemicals;  Social aspects of medicine and biomedical sciences

Sample publications:  Vance MA, Gray PD, Tolman KG.  Effect of glycine on valproate toxicity in rat hepatocytes.  Epilepsia 1995;35:1016-1022

Ferguson ME, Vance MA.  Payment Deferred: Strychnine poisoning in Nicaragua 65 years ago.  Clinical Toxicology 2000;30:71-77

Vance MA.  Disease mongering and the fear of pandemic influenza.  International Journal of Health Services  2011;41:95-115

Vance MA. Conflicting views in narratives on HIV transmission via medical care.  Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care 2019;18:1-9  doi: 10.1177/232595821961