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Mandy Hall

Associate Professor - Psychology Psychology - LAS
Mandy Hall

I received my Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Virginia in May 2008 and I am currently Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of Faculty Development at Butler University in Indianapolis.

One line of my research program focuses on memory errors and the factors that contribute to them. I am especially interested in what memory errors and memory confidence can tell us about how the memory system works. The other line of my research program explores issues related to teaching and learning. I am particularly intrigued by questions of how digital technologies disrupt attention in the classroom and what study strategies are most effective.

My teaching interests include courses on memory and amnesia, cognitive psychology, advanced labs in cognitive psychology, research methods and data analysis, introductory psychology, seminars on memory in media, career counseling in psychology, and mentoring undergraduate researchers. I am also dedicated to faculty development in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.

I live in Brown County with my husband, Andrew, and my four-legged children [Chester (Beagle mix), Annie (Beagle mix), Rusty (cat), Audrey (cat), and Floof (cat)].

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