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Kenneth Colburn

Professor - Sociology Sociology and Criminology - LAS
Kenneth Colburn



Professor Ken Colburn has been a Butler faculty member in the Sociology Department since 1987 and served as Chair from 1991 through 1999. Prior to joining Butler, Ken held faculty appointments at IUPUI and DePauw University. He earned his PH.D. and Masters degrees in Sociology from York University (Toronto, Canada); and his B.A. in Philosophy and Sociology from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ).  He has published social theory and research articles in various journals including The Canadian Journal of Sociology; Human StudiesJournal for the Liberal Arts and SciencesTheory and Society; Society; Sociological InquiryThe Sociological Quarterly; Clinical Sociology Review; and other journals as well as book chapters.  While keenly interested in theoretical issues and research related to community and deviance, Ken also undertakes applied research such as contributing to efforts to better address homelessness within Indianapolis. He currently serves as the Senior Editor of the Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences and the Inaugural Editor of the Butler Journal for Undergraduate Research