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Jonathan Sorenson

Professor - Computer Science Computer Science and Software Engineering - LAS
Jonathan Sorenson


Fairbanks 142

I have been teaching computer science (and in the past, some mathematics) at Butler since 1991.  Courses I commonly teach include CS142 Intro to Programming and Computer Science (in C++), CS248 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures in Java, and CS458 Cryptography.  In the past, I have also taught discrete math, computer organization, operating systems, compiler design, EPICS, algorithms, databases, computer ethics, parallel algorithms, and even modern algebra.  I also teach a course on Alan Turing in the university honors program from time to time. 

My research interest is in algorithms for problems from number theory.  In particular, I'm interested in algorithms for computing greatest common divisors, for listing and detecting prime numbers, and for factoring large integers.  I often use Big Dawg, Butler's cluster supercomputer, in my work.  I've published several papers with former Butler students. 

I studied computer science and mathematics as an undergraduate at Valparaiso University, and as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Eric Bach was my thesis advisor.

Publication Lists: Google Scholar, MathSciNet, ACM-DL, Selected Works @ Butler (a bit out of date)

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