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James Sander

Associate Professor - Accounting Accounting, Management Information Systems, Statis

James Sander is an Associate Professor of Accounting at ButlerUniversity. At the undergraduate level he currently teaches IntermediateAccounting and Introduction to Financial Accounting. In the Masters inProfessional Accounting program he teaches Advanced Accounting and a course in Valuationand Advanced Financial Statement Analysis. In the Masters of BusinessAdministration program at Butler he has taught Financial Statement Analysis. 

In the financial accounting area Jim has focused on disclosuresrelated to IFRS, GAAP, or SEC Guidance. He has published numerous articles inacademic, practitioner and pedagogical journals. Recent articles have appeared inthe Journal of Economics and FinanceEducation, Issues In AccountingEducation, Research in AccountingRegulation, and the Journal ofInternational Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.

Jim’s academic credentials include a PhD in accounting from theUniversity of Illinois and a Master’s of Science in Accounting from DePaulUniversity in Chicago. His undergraduate degree is from Colorado State University wherehe majored in Sociology.

Curriculum Vitae