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Joseph Kirsch

Professor - Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry - LAS
Joseph Kirsch



Education:          B.S.  Chemistry                 Butler University                               1964

                             M.S.  Chemistry                University of Illinois                           1966

                             Ph.D.Chemistry                 University of Illinois                          1968


               Full Professor of Chemistry,Butler University, September 1981 to Present

               John Hume Reade Professorship, Butler University, Fall1993 to Present


               Butler Director, Engineering Dual Degree Programs, 1999 to Present


               Site Director/Instructor, Advanced Placement High School Teacher Workshop 

                Program,1991 to 2014


               SENCER Fellow, Fall 2008 to Present


               Faculty Athletic Representative for Butler University, 

               Fall 1997 to Present


               Associate Provost for Academic Programs, Butler University, 

              July 2006 to June 2009.


               Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 

               July 2005 – July 2006       


               Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 

              July 2001 to June 2002


               Head of the Department of Chemistry, Butler University, 

               Fall 1988 to Spring 1999


               Associate Professor of Chemistry,Butler University, 

               September 1974 to September 1981


               Assistant Professor of Chemistry,Butler University, 

               September 1970 to September 1974


               Assistant Professor of Chemistry,Fairleigh Dickinson University, 

               September 1968 to June 1970


Research Interests: Studies of Protein Structure, Solvent interactions with Small Molecules,Peptides and Amino Acid interactions with different solvents, Solute interactions with nanoparticles, and Solute interactions in Ionic Liquids using Infrared Spectroscopy


Teaching: General Chemistry, Non-major Chemistry,Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry


Interests & Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Sailing, Hiking/Fishing, &Motorcycling