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Joseph Colavito

Professor - English English - LAS
Joseph Colavito


J. Rocky Colavito (B.A., M.A. St. Bonaventure University; Ph.D. University of Arizona) is trained as a specialist in rhetorical theory and the teaching of writing, and serves as the Department’s Assessment Coordinator. Much of his research considers the interplay between rhetorical theories and popular culture with a specific interest in horror literature and films. His teaching ranges from First-Year Seminar through Texts and Ideas courses on popular culture, a PCA course on writing horror, introductory and specialized courses on professional writing, Speaking Across the Curriculum courses on popular culture subjects, and advanced courses on rhetorical theory, scholarly research and writing, and monster/horror studies. Specific courses include The Culture of Fear, Haunted Spaces and People, The Frankenstein Myth; Vampires and Vampirism, Global Horror Films, Writing about Film, and Zombie Literature and Film. His current research project is a more extended analysis of global Zombie cinema, and he is readying two collections of horror stories (Time to Let the Monsters Out, and This Infernal Process) for publication as e-books. He has presented papers at domestic and international conferences on global zombie cinema, the appropriation of classical literature in The Walking Dead graphic novel series,body horror, Zombie studies/literature for the classroom, and the Sharknado franchise. When not preoccupied with all things horror and popular culture, Dr.Colavito is an avid follower of college sports, a wide and varied reader (he highly recommends Carl Hiaasen, James Ellroy, and Jon Maberry to those interested, and just finished Ezekiel Boone’s The Hatching, the start of series about prehistoric spiders that create a global menace) and is forever seeking to perfect his chili recipe; he reports that the last batch was close to where he wants it.