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Gregory Osland

Director - Assessment Lacy School of Business
Professor Emeritus of Marketing Emeriti
Gregory Osland

Greg Osland, Professor of Marketing, currently teaches International Marketing classes in both the undergraduate and MBA programs at Butler University.  In addition, he teaches Marketing Management and a course in Global and Historical Studies - Frontiers in Latin America.  For the last fifteen years his research has centered on ecotourism in Latin America.  His core research focused on international modes of entry, primarily joint ventures in China.  Professor Osland was trained academically at Michigan State University (Ph.D), University of Colorado - Boulder (M.B.A.), and Iowa State University (B.S.).  His work experience includes consulting for international businesses and other organizations, training managers in China, and leading campus Christian ministries.  Osland co-founded and serves as Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) faith-based environmental organization. He has a passion for learning about and caring for the creation that began with childhood experiences in natural areas and a bachelors degree in Biology.   He and his wife have three daughters, and enjoy living in a neighborhood near Butler University where they are actively engaged with the Indianapolis community.

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