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Gina Forrest

Executive Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Diversity Programs
Gina Forrest


Atherton Union, Diversity Center, 004

Dr. Gina is a native Hoosier and wants to make Indiana a more inclusive, healthier and happier state!   

She has earned a MPH (Masters of Public Health) and a PhD in Health Behavior from Indiana University - Bloomington.  

Gina has been in the field of training and facilitating discussions in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural awareness for some time. Topics include Implicit Bias, Race, Ethnicity, Working with & across the Generations,Healthy Communication, Aging,  Gender Identity, Socioeconomic Status, and de-escalation. 

In addition, she has over 13 years of experience in the public health field where her expertise is in grant management, conducting needs assessments,program planning, and evaluation.  She has taught college-level courses at Butler University and Indiana University - including Health Disparities, Public Health Program Planning, Public Health Administration, Healthcare in Diverse Communities,Personal Health, Exploring Public Health, and Community Health.