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Eileen Taylor

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies Communications and Media Studies
Eileen Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a Lecturer in the Communication and Media Studies Department of the College of Communication at Butler University.  She believes the essence of leadership is communication and has taught the following courses throughout her higher education career.

  • MBA 515 - Organizational Communication
  • ORG 362 - Leadership and Communication
  • ORG 358 - Communication Ethics
  • HRM 301 - Introduction to HR Management
  • ORG 215 - Speech for Business
  • MKT 201 - Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 101 - Introduction to Business
  • COM 101 - Rhetoric and the American Democratic Tradition (public speaking)

Dr. Taylor also has over 27 years experience in business administration that includes both human resources and financial management.  Her research and areas of expertise in organizational leadership communication with a focus on change and diversity of perspectives is complimented with a Bachelor's of Science in Management, MBA, Master of Advanced Leadership Studies, and Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Her professional philosophy is partially rooted in opportunities to live throughout the United States and Europe as a military dependent. At the time, a 5-year residency in Europe was pivotal in preparing Dr. Taylor to embrace the 21st century of globalization where technology continues to transform the method and scope of communication. This inclusive mindset has been the cornerstone of her personal authenticity and work ethic throughout the years. It has helped Dr. Taylor positively influence others in profit and not-for-profit organizations. As a leader and researcher, she inspires others to strengthen their personal foundation of individual values, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that add value to any organization. The ability to also learn about and understand others who may be different from you is a crucial skill in an ever-growing global market.

Organizations benefit from Dr. Taylor's ability to demonstrate theories and practical experiences while she serves as Guest Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, and Professional Trainer. Dr. Taylor's positive leadership perspective may help organizations overcome challenges that become future success stories.