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Erin Gerecke

Senior Lecturer Biological Sciences - LAS
Erin Gerecke

Areas of interest: genetics, cell/molecular biology, science communication and community engagement

I hold a bachelors degree in biology (Carleton College), a Ph.D. in Genetics (Indiana University), and Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) certification. Although my scientific background and is in areas related to fungal genetics, meiosis, and DNA repair, I enjoy teaching and learning about many areas of biology as well as interdisciplinary topics.

Recent courses taught include:

• Natural World: Biology and Society (NW 200-BI)

• Introductory Cell Biology (BI 105)

• Fundamentals of Genetics (BI 210)

• Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology (BI 220)

• Biology Indianapolis Outreach (BI 270)

• Biology Capstone: Circadian Rhythms (BI 480)

Outside of class, my current professional pursuits include scientific communication and STEM community outreach initiatives. I also write a science blog at Mulled Science.