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C. Patience Masamha

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical Sciences - COPHS
C. Patience Masamha




-BS honors in Biological Sciences-University of Zimbabwe
-MS in Biology-Indiana University of Pennsylvania
-PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
-Postdoc -University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 


- Principles of Drug Action 1, 2 & 3 

-Precision Medicine Elective

-Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolism

Research interests

Biomarker discovery, pharmacogenomics, cancer biology, precision/personalized medicine, molecular signaling, mechanisms of drug action, RNA biology (alternative mRNA processing) , next-generation sequencing (Illumina and PACBIO RNA Seq.).

Select Honors and Awards

-2020  New Investigator Award American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

-2019 Top 30 finalist The Sternfels Prize for Drug Safety Discoveries

-2018 2017-2018 Butler University Outstanding Professor of the Year


Invited/Selected Talks at National Conferences

1. Title:The role of alternative polyadenylation in cancer. C. Patience Masamha*. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) post-transcriptional control of gene expression: Mechanisms of RNA decay conference. Scottsdale, Arizona. June, 2018.

2. Title:Multiple mechanisms driving alternative polyadenylation of cyclin D1 (CCND1) pre-mRNA processing. C. P. Masamha* and E.J. Wagner. RNA recognition and regulation symposium. Experimental Biology/ American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting. San Diego, California. April 2018.

3. Title: Evading miRNA regulation through alternative polyadenylation in glioblastoma. Chioniso Patience Masamha*, Zheng Xia, Jingxuan Yang, Todd Albrecht, Scott Collum, Min Li, Wei Li, Ann-Bin Shyu and Eric J.Wagner.  Symposia on Cancer Research 2014. Illuminating Genomic Dark Matter “ncRNA in Disease and Cancer”, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Houston, Texas. October 2014.

4. Title: CFlm25 links global change in APA to cell growth control and glioblastoma survival. Masamha C.P*., Xia Z., Albrecht T.R., Li W., Shyu A-B., and Wagner, E.J.  RNA 18th Annual Conference. Davos, Switzerland. June 2013.

         * Presenter

Masamha Lab

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