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Brooke Beloso

Associate Professor Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies - LAS
Brooke Beloso

     Raised in poverty by a single mother struggling with mental illness, I came honestly by my political commitments to engendering a more just world. Being queer and losing my only sibling to the U.S. war on Iraq further radicalized me.
     The undergraduate experience presents a unique opportunity for tremendous personal growth and positive change. On our campus broadly and in my classes more specifically, I am dedicated to facilitating this personal growth and positive change-- even and especially when that growth and change feels hard.
      My early research examined feminist and queer theory in relation to sex work. Out of this work has grown an abiding attention to "alienated" labor of various sorts, including but not limited to academic and caretaking labors.  Other research interests include psychoanalysis, alternative medicine, food politics, and reproductive justice.
     Off campus, I make my home in the Broad Ripple area with my life partner and our three small children who, on a daily basis, wake me up to the revolutionary possibilities of new life. I'm an introvert, so while you won't find me at many big parties or on Facebook, I'm generally up for a heart-to-heart conversation.