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Amy Peak

Director of Undergraduate Health Science Programs Health Sciences - COPHS
Amy Peak


PHSB 402 A

Dr. Amy Peak is the Director of the Health Science and Healthcare & Business programs, and Chair of the Health Science department at Butler University.   She has over 20 years experience in higher education and is a clinical pharmacist, certified wellness coach, and group fitness instructor.  She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University, completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency at St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Services, and was a Visiting Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company. She is a past president of the Indiana College of Clinical Pharmacy as well as the founder and a past president of the Drug Information Practice and Research Network within the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.  Her primary practice, research, and interest areas are related to community health, vaping/electronic cigarettes, CBD & cannabis, providing health services to the uninsured, and improving the mental health of students, faculty, and clinicians in health professions.  She is well-published and has provided a myriad of presentations on these topics at local, state, and national levels.