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Andrew Sand

Assistant Professor - Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry - LAS
Andrew Sand


Gallahue Hall 319

Education andExperience

B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, North Dakota StateUniversity

M.S. Chemistry, University of Chicago

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Chicago

Post Doctoral Associate – Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota


General Chemistry

Physical Chemistry


I am a theoretical chemist – my research group does our work using only computers.  We develop and apply new algorithms and methodologies to a variety of interesting problems in chemistry.  My research focuses on the study of chemical processes in which strong electron correlation plays an important role.  My research goals are as follows:

  • Develop new methodologies to target areas of strong electron correlation using both wave function and density functional techniques.
  • Work towards a more “black box” treatment of strong correlation
  • Study how strong correlation affects carbene chemistry