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Antonio Menendez-Alarcon

Professor - Sociology Sociology and Criminology - LAS
Antonio Menendez-Alarcon

Professor Menéndez is a comparative sociologist whose research and scholarship have examined issues of ethnicity, cultural identity, media and power, and the process of European integration using multiple research methods. His published books include French and US Approaches to Foreign Policy, Palgrave 2014, Safeguarding German-American Relations in the New Century: Understanding and Accepting Mutual Differences. Editor, in collaboration with Hermann Kurthen and Stefan Immerfall. Lanham, MD: Lexington Publishers: 2006; and The Cultural Realm of European Integration. Greenwood Press, 2004.Another publication from 1992, Power and Television in Latin America received the Choice Magazine's 1994 Outstanding Academic Book Award. Previous books published in Spanish include The Dominican Student (Santo Domingo: Intec, 1987), Spanish Migration to the Dominican Republic (Oviedo: Consejo de Comunidades Asturanas, 1993), and an earlier edited work in collaboration with Jose Alcantara. Human Being and Society. (Santo Domingo: Intec, 1987). He has published many articles in professional journals in English, French, and Spanish, such as Research in Political Sociology, International Journal of Cultural Studies, International Review of Sociology, International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, and International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society as well as in edited volumes. Professor Menéndez's current research interests lie in (1) investigating the cultural influences on international relations; namely, analyzing how conceptions of cultural identity, sense of belonging, and perceived national interests determine decision making in the international arena; (2) exploring ideologies of nationalism and the connections between popular culture, everyday life, and broader social processes such as globalization and transnationalism, particularly as these issues relate to the process of immigrants's integration in Europe and the United States.

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