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Dawg Days 2.0

Dawg Days at Butler University

Dawg Days 2.0 

Dawg Days 2.0 strives to create a welcoming environment and provide connections, resources, and programs for students who are underrepresented on our campus:

  •  Multicultural students and students of color
  • LGBTQ+ community members
  • 21st Century Scholars
  •  First-generation students (neither parent has completed a 4-yr degree)

Overview of Program 

This program is designed to ease the transition for underrepresented students by:

  • Allowing you to arrive to campus early and begin making social connections.
  • Highlighting potential academic, social, and emotional challenges you might face and providing tips on how to navigate them.
  • Introducing you to success strategies, on-campus resources, and Indianapolis sites.
  • Sharing the experiences of current students, faculty and staff.
  • Pairing you with a peer mentor to walk with you on this journey.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students will develop a personal connection with the Diversity Center and Multicultural Mentors on their transition to Butler University.·
  • Students will gain an understanding of group dynamics as they integrate with other incoming first year students.
  • Students will understand the processes and resources provided by Butler University.

Programmatic Efforts 

The Dawg Days 2.0 program will host several events throughout the academic year for students to continue to connect, engage, and be supported as they transition. Programs will focus on the following programming model:

  • Educational-  Awareness around cultural and social awareness intiaitives (i.e. unconscious bias, allyship, and crucial conversations)
  • Intentional- Resources for in and outside of the classroom (i.e. registration, study tips, and financial aid)
  • Social- Outings within the Indianapolis community (i.e. Bowling, festivals, and museums)