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JCA Dance Home Page

Dance Facilities

The department of dance is housed in Lilly Hall, the home of the Jordan College of the Arts. The dance program operates in five state-of-the-art dance studios featuring sprung floors, audio/video equipment, pianos, mirrors, ballet Barres and observation windows. Ballet and Modern Technique classes are all accompanied by live musicians.

The largest dance studio serves the department as both a teaching space and an informal performance venue. The studio is fully equipped with lighting instruments, theatrical soft goods and informal audience seating. The space serves as a theatrical laboratory for students to develop technical production skills such as lighting design for dance. Furthermore, this studio theatre showcases students' creative voices through regular showings of their choreographic work.

The Conditioning Room offers students the opportunity to cross-train and fine tune their physical instrument outside of the studio. The room houses a Pilates Reformer, an Elliptical, a stationary bike, free weights, a refrigerator, a microwave, and an ice machine.  Through its relationship with St. Vincent Sports Performance, the department provides an athletic trainer who consults with students and faculty regarding progressive fitness goals, injury prevention and rehabilitation should an injury occur.