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The Mikado

The Ballet Russe Collection

Ballet version of the operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan, choreographed by Antonia Cabos.
Music from Sir Arthur Sullivan's The Mikado arranged by Vittorio Rieti.
Decor by Bernard Lamotte.
Premiere: Baltimore, October 1, 1954, by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

Even to one unfamiliar with 'The Mikado'...the general outlines of the action must have been clear. It is obvious in this ballet 'Mikado' that a young fellow in black wig and a girl in another black wig are smitten on sight. It is further obvious that their mutual yen is painful to three sinister parties, one of who [sic] is wearing a bright blue wig instead of the conventional black.

Harry MacArthur, Washington Evening Star, October 5, 1954

The Mikado displayed both an interior and an exterior scene; however, only the exterior scene has survived. The backdrop is portrayed above; below you will find the complete set with portal.

Outside scene with portal