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Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

CUE Farm Course Connections

The CUE Farm has long been a resource to Butler courses by providing class tours and facilitating student projects. In 2015, the CUE Farm began efforts to become more integrated into Butler’s curriculum by implementing an on-site core curriculum course and challenging a variety of existing Butler courses to utilize this place-based resource and its interdisciplinary theme of urban agriculture to frame key course topics. 

Core Curriculum

Fall semester:

PWB115-BI - Cultivating Well Being                          

Instructor: Mr. Tim Dorsey

This hands-on gardening course will empower students to make healthy food choices while learning how gardening can improve well-being. Students will be challenged to think about where food comes from, how to grow healthy foods at home, and the role gardening can play in a lifetime of well being.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

As part of an NSF-funded project entitled, Cultivating Scientific Literacy and Action through Place: Using a Campus Farm as an Interdisciplinary Learning Hub, the CUE Farm is being transformed into a hub for research and education through the creation of urban agriculture research modules in Butler courses. As part of this effort, students will conduct real-world research that contributes to our understanding of the impacts of urban agriculture on environment and society. The STEM Education and Innovation Research Institute (SEIRI) at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis will conduct research on the impacts of this program to student learning and engagement.

Fall semester:

BI230 – Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                   

Instructor: Professor Travis Ryan

Module Title: Soil Respiration, Arthropod Biodiversity, and the Analysis of Variance


BI408 – Topics in Biology, Ecosystem Ecology       

Instructor: Professor Sean Berthrong

Module Title: Bringing Microbes and Carbon Cycling Down to Earth

Spring semester:

ENV200 – Intro to Environmental Studies              

Instructor: Professor Jesse Van Gerven

Module Title: TBD


CH465 – Environmental Chemistry                          

Instructor: Professor Elizabeth Davis

Module Title: Urban Agriculture and Environmental Health: Characterizing Risks of Soil Contamination

Andre B. Lacy School of Business

Spring 2017 Semester:

MK385 – Marketing Research                                    

Instructor: Professor Daniel McQuiston

A student group from this class are conducting market research for the CUE Farm to determine ways to increase awareness, traffic, and revenue at the CUE Farm's weekly farm stand.  

Spring 2016 and Fall 2017 Semesters:

MBA522 – Business Practicum                                           

Instructor: Professor James Simmons

The course participated in tours to local food producers and distributors and hosted a farm-to-table panel as part of this intensive course. Students then provided the CUE Farm with recommendations for improving business and marketing aspects of the farm.


Ball State University, College of Architecture and Planning

Academic Years 2012-213 and 2015-2016:

Third- and Fourth-Year Architecture Students    

Instructor: Professor Timothy Gray

Third- and fourth-year architecture majors at Ball State University have worked with the CUE Farm on a number of sustainable design-build projects including the CUE Farm classroom space and a mobile greenhouse. This project was featured in over ten media outlets and won a 2016 Merit Award for Design Excellence from the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Indiana.