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Aerial View of the Farm

CUE Farm

The CUE Farm is a one-acre sustainable agriculture project on the campus of Butler University and managed by the Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES). The farm's three-pronged mission is:

  1. To promote excellence in education and research across the University curriculum,
  2. To educate Butler University and the Indianapolis community about sustainable agriculture and the local food system, and
  3. To serve as an example of sustainable urban agriculture through the exploration of local food production and sales

Student members of Earth Charter Butler and the CUES 'broke ground' on the farm in 2010. The farm has expanded over the years, with generous support from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and Butler University. Tim Dorsey joined CUES Farm in 2011 as farm manager.

For regular updates about the CUE Farm, like us on Facebook or follow us @ButlerCUEFarm on Twitter or Instagram.

Sales and Products

The CUE farm grows and sells a variety of seasonal produce grown using organic practices direct to the community through a weekly on-site farm stand, Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and restaurant and grocer sales. 

Educational Tours

The CUE Farm provides educational tours to Butler courses, clubs, and divisions as well as K-12 schools and community organizations. Volunteer opportunities for groups may also be available upon request. 

Student Opportunities

The CUE Farm has both paid and for-credit internship opportunities for Butler students. Academic year internships are for-credit only and focus on subject areas of business, communications, education, and biology. Paid positions are only offered in the summer. 

Curricular Ties

The CUE Farm serves as a resource for place-based experiential learning by leading a physical well-being course, serving as a study site for course topics, and hosting individual student projects.