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Indianapolis Skyline and White River
Center for Urban Ecology

CUE Projects

The CUE provides an organizational framework to support and enhance the current research activities and interests of Butler faculty and students in the area of urban ecology. CUE student interns participate in all aspects of urban ecological research including research design, data collection, data analysis, and the dissemination of research findings.

If you are a faculty or community organization interested in collaborating with the CUE on a project, please contact Julia Angstmann

Indy Wildlife Watch

Exploring what wildlife species are present in Indianapolis and how these animals utilize the urban landscape as part of a growing national network of cities.


Merging the sciences and the arts through interactive, place-based programming to advance the Indianapolis community’s understanding and appreciation of local waterways. 

Bird Window Strike

Pursuing answers to how bird biomechanics and building structure cause birds to strike window glass.

SAUSI: Sustainable Agriculture in Urban Systems of Indianapolis

Determining soil contaminant health hazards in urban gardens and conducting a deep examination of how sustainable, local agriculture improves soil health. 

Urban Plant Diversity and Invasive Species Monitoring

Monitoring long-term impacts of restoration efforts and invasive honeysuckle removal on plant diversity along Indianapolis waterways. 

Student Research

Engaging Butler students in semester or year-long research projects as part of a course or honors thesis. 

Past Projects

These projects may not be active anymore, but the CUE was proud to lead them!