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Critical Communication and Media
Critical Communication and Media Studies

Laura Anderson ’15

Laura Anderson

CCM graduate Laura Anderson ’15 is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in London, England seeking a master’s degree in International Media and Communications. Read what she has to say about how her studies at Butler prepared her for this next step.

How would you describe Critical Communications and Media (CCM) to students who were thinking about the program?

The beauty of this department is that it is relevant to everyone and there is something for everyone in the coursework. We live and operate in a mediated world. We live in a globalized and incredibly connected world and it is connected, largely in part, to the U.S. media industry. The Critical Communications and Media (CCM) program offers students the opportunity to critically think and explore and question all facets of the media industry and its relationship to how cultures and political systems create meaning, value, and social structure out of mass communication techniques.

There is a lot of theory to examine and discuss in seminars. It is all incredibly applicable to everything you do every day—from watching news coverage about the upcoming elections to jamming with Kanye, and even relaxing with some Walking Dead—you’ll be able to pull out how these different types of discourses in communication contribute new meanings in the social and political world. It’s intellectually stimulating, it’s really fun, and it’s incredibly relevant to just about any future career path.

How did CCM prepare you for graduate school?

I am currently in a master’s program studying International Media and Communications in London, England. Each of the professional internship experiences that I had through the CCM program prepared me with a flexible skill set to enter the workforce or graduate school. A large contributor to my success and preparation for these post-graduate experiences was through the ability to critically think about the social, political, and cultural context of everything around me. The research skills, along with the theoretical background provided by the CCM program, made me a well-rounded scholar and professional.

I know this program offered me a solid platform to pursue my academic and professional goals abroad. CCM offers an opportunity to appreciate the endless mediums of mass communication and opportunities available to understand the meanings constructed across cultures and through community.

This foundation served me by preparing me to be a global citizen. This program is one that empowers students to think critically about the world around them and engage with texts that present a worldview of cultural sensitivity by finding value in sound research and empathy. It offers context to understand how the world operates and creates the opportunity to present work through thoughtful and meaning written projects such as the Undergraduate Research Conference held on campus each year.

What is unique about CCM?

This department’s faculty is filled with brilliant minds that are passionate about their work and projects and care about their students. They tailor course work to really engage and encourage students by challenging them to reach their fullest academic potential. It is an incredible opportunity and a special program within the Butler community.