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Counseling and Consultation Services

Our Report Card

"CCS has been crucial to my success here at Butler. I have learned to cope with the stress of life and to think about myself in a healthier, more positive way. I recommend the experience to everyone."

"The counseling has definitely helped me understand and see things differently. It has been extremely positive and the services provided are invaluable to Butler and its students."


"Before coming here, I felt constantly stressed, anxious, and unhappy. Coming here has helped me to enjoy life so much more and to approach things with a much better mindset. Thank you!"


"I am so thankful these services are available and free. My counseling experience has been great and helped me very much. I was having a very hard time and my counselor has helped me through it."


"I have come so far with accepting myself and being comfortable with myself through the past year and I couldn't have done it without CCS! Plus, I love group therapy!"