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Counseling and Consultation Services

Internship Service Activities

Butler University Counseling & Consultation Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is primarily conducted within a short-term model, although interns are encouraged to see clients for as long as clinically indicated. There is currently no fee for service. The length of therapy, as well as the theoretical orientation employed, will depend on the therapist's judgment, experience and training as well as the presenting issues of the client and his/her situation. Client sessions are video recorded for review in supervision. All supervisors are fully licensed as Health Service Providers in Psychology (HSPP) in the state of Indiana.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a highly valued clinical service at CCS.  Interns frequently co-lead interpersonal process groups, dependent on client need and availability. CCS also offers short-term workshops focused on skill development that interns may lead.  Successful group offerings have included personal growth/process groups as well as groups for special populations and concerns such as eating disorders, sexual assault survivors, grief and loss, and relationship issues.


Outreach is a vital component of Counseling and Consultation Services, and interns will obtain signficant experience developing and conducting programs across campus. Interns will focus on fulfilling requests from faculty, staff, and students, as well as develop programs of their own interest.  Residence Life and Greek Affairs commonly request programs, but interns are encouraged to form liaisons with other campus departments and student groups, such as our peer educators, LBGTQ alliance, athletics, the Center for Faith and Vocation, and our Learning Resource Center.

Practicum Trainee Supervision

Interns provide 1 hour/week of individual supervision to a practicum student the first semester and 2 hours/week of individual supervision the second semester of the academic year. Trainees are from graduate programs in counseling and clinical psychology in the surrounding area. Supervision of supervision is provided regularly in a group format and within an intern's individual supervision as needed.

Consultation Services

Full-time staff and interns provide consultation services to faculty, staff, students and parents, either in-person or by phone.  Interns also provide walk-in emergency and nonemergency services for students.

Psychological Assessment

Interns conduct intake assessments, which include clients completing a symptom checklist.  The MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF, and MCMI-IV are the most commonly used assessment instruments at Butler. The 16PF, SASSI-3 and EDI-3 are also available for use.  Other testing may be conducted depending on intern interest and availability of instruments.