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Counseling and Consultation Services

Eligibility for Services

Counseling & Consultation Services (CCS) offers limited generalist counseling services, by licensed and professionally trained staff, to currently enrolled Butler University students. CCS support the educational mission of Butler University by providing short-term therapeutic intervention that supports students in their personal and academic goals. Consultation and programmatic outreach services are available to faculty, staff and employees of Butler University.

In accordance with this mission, the services are not focused on remedial or reconstructive (long term therapy or multiple appointments weekly) experiences. Likewise, CCS is not appropriate for students whose conditions are deemed more complicated (for example, medically, in level of severity, pharmacologically, legally, or due to specialized circumstances) than what can be treated in an ethically appropriate way by CCS staff. Students presenting with such conditions will be referred to appropriate resources in the community at the discretion of the Director. Students are responsible for paying the costs incurred for services and treatment provided through outside agencies.

Students must be currently enrolled at Butler University to be eligible for services. Any faculty or staff of Butler University who are also enrolled in courses at Butler are not eligible for psychotherapeutic services and will be referred to the University's Employee Assistance Program for such services.