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Counseling and Consultation Services

Client Feedback

Each year Counseling and Consultation Services gathers data from clients on their experience with the office. Below are a summary of the findings and testimonies from students.


“Going to counseling here at Butler was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. I feel like I have the tools to work through stress and difficult situations in my life because of the advice and counseling I received. I have always felt my counselor genuinely cared about me, and our talks felt natural and organic (which made me, in turn, more comfortable talking about tough things). I am so grateful this program exists at Butler and know I sincerely benefited from going.”


96% felt heard and understood by their therapist; 98% said their therapist was trustworthy; 98% said their therapist was culturally sensitive


“This was my first time ever being in therapy. It has helped with my day to day life, and I am able to cope and manage my symptoms significantly better. I appreciate the openness and willingness within the CCS staff, and I am quite comfortable with using the services.”


“It has been a great way to express myself to someone that is affiliated with campus and can understand some of the things that I am going through related to school.”


70% of students reported that therapy has either directly or indirectly improved their academic functioning


“I am very grateful to work with my counselor at CCS. It's been such a relief to speak with someone about the issues I'm facing, feel as if someone is genuinely listening and understands as best they can, and work through my struggles in a meaningful, constructive way. I especially appreciate how my counselor is so validating and listens to what I say very carefully; they don't ever make assumptions or jump to conclusions but rather ask questions and make space for me to speak my own mind. Overall, I'm extraordinarily thankful for my weekly visits and hope to continue doing them as much as I can.”


“The staff at CCS are always kind and understanding. I cannot recommend them enough.”


94.5% of students reported that they would recommend Counseling and Consultation Services to a friend