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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum


Requirement Structure

Butler University was founded on the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusivity. The Social Justice and Diversity requirement reaffirms these founding principles. Students must take one course in any part of the University that exposes them to critical scholarship on the root causes of marginalization and inequity and how to counter it.

Learning Objectives

  • To recognize multiple and intersecting dimensions of identity and inequity through the study of critical scholarship on the historical, cultural, political, and/or social experiences of marginalized communities.
  • To identify and explain the causes and impact of privilege, power, and oppression and cultivate tools for overcoming conflict and promoting equality.
  • To recognize and critique local, national, or global conditions that enable, perpetuate and/or challenge social injustice and inequity.

Learning Outcome used for Assessment

Students will become more aware of the presence and sources of injustices and will produce graduates better prepared to actively counter them.


Exemptions: None. The Social Justice & Diversity Requirement is in effect for all students, including first-year and transfer students, entering Butler University during the fall 2020 semester.