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Core Curriculum

Propose a BCR Event

Certain events automatically receive Butler Cultural Requirement (BCR) credit; sponsors of these events do not need to submit a proposal form for approval. The events that receive automatic BCR status are:

  • Butler Arts Presents
  • Butler Ballet: Nutcracker, Midwinter, and Spring performances
  • Butler Seminar on Religion and World Civilization
  • Butler Theatre (faculty directed) performances
  • CCOM Symposium
  • Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series
  • CFV A New View Film Series
  • Faculty Artist / Duckwall Artist Series
  • Global and Historical Studies Seminars
  • Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra/Symphonic Choir/Opera
  • J. James Woods Lecture Series
  • School of Music Concert Series (includes Neighborhood Concert Series, Piano at Butler Series, Butler Chamber Orchestra, etc.)
  • Thornbrough Lecture
  • Vivian S. Delbrook Visiting Writers' Series
  • Wayne Wetzel Lecture Series

Lectures, seminars, or performances not listed above may submit a proposal form to apply for BCR credit.

Procedure to Propose a BCR Event

In order to guarantee our and the campus's knowledge of this event, please follow this procedure:

  • Consult the BCR FAQ to ensure you are proposing an event that fits the aims and Student Learning Objectives of the BCR requirement.
  • Contact the speaker/s to obtain possible dates for an event to be scheduled.
  • Check the BCR calendar for potential conflicts with other events.
  • Check with the Office of University Events (ext. 9352) for room availability. Arrange for media needs, if necessary.
  • Contact the speaker to secure the actual date.
  • Submit a BCR application at least three weeks in advance of the event. Late proposals will not be considered unless accompanied by an explanation justifying why an exception should be made in this circumstance.
  • Applications should be submitted to
  • Events must be held on campus in order to be approved.

Charging and Admission

BCR events are open to the entire University community and most are offered free of charge. Some events, however, may require an admission fee for students and community members. In an effort to continue to keep students informed, please submit admission cost information on the application form. This information must appear on all publications so students are aware there is a cost associated with the event prior to attending.

Attendance Taking

Each BCR event will be staffed by BCR student staff - look for the dark blue vests with the BCR symbol. Staff will have scanners and students must scan their ID cards before event to receive credit. If our BCR staff does not show up to take attendance, please print off the BCR sign in sheet have students write their name, ID number, and the time they arrived and left the event. The ID number and name must both be included, as this helps to eliminate confusion when manually inputting BCR attendance. Please bring the sheet to the Core Curriculum Office (JH 109C) the next day so we can register student attendance. 

Changes and Cancellations

As soon as you are aware of any changes to the event (time or location, for example) or cancellation of the event, contact the Conferences and Special Events office (ext. 9352) and the core office (ext. 9480).