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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Physical Well Being

Course Structure

A one-credit, two contact-hour, pass/fail course selected from a menu of courses devoted to physical and health education and activities, taken any time in the first to fourth years.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop life-long habits of good health and physical activity.
  • To increase awareness of the centrality of health and wellness for pursuit of a good life.

Learning Outcomes used for Assessment

  • Students will develop skills and knowledge of a physical activity. 
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to explain the way health and wellness positively contribute to a good life. 

Corresponding University Outcomes

  • Students will practice ways and means of physical well-being (Psychomotor—“do”).
  • Students will be exposed to the value of lifelong learning (Affective—“value”).

A "strong sense of community and service" is evident in Dr. Lisa Farley's course, Walking, Wagging, and Wellness.  This course assists students in developing life-long habits of good health and multidimensional wellness by integrating physical activity, civic awareness, and community service. Students partner with the Humane Society of Indianapolis to provide physical activity and play for the animals, learn through service to the community, and improve their own fitness and awareness that health and wellness are central to living a good life. "All students,"Farley says, "need to understand that wellness can be honed in a wide variety of ways." In this course, she continues, students work on their own physical, mental, social and emotional wellness "in a realistic setting that demonstrates our ability to focus on helping others…. Working in a place that has no obvious connection to schools or wellness and demonstrating the real-life application of both wellness and servanthood is a win-win for all."