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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Indianapolis Community Requirement

Requirement Structure

Students must take one course in any part of the University that involves active engagement with the Indianapolis community.

Learning Objectives

  • To have an active learning experience that integrates classroom knowledge with activities in the Indianapolis community.
  • To use an experience in Indianapolis to further the individual student’s understanding of the nature of community and the relationship between community and the student.
  • To further students’ commitment to service and ongoing involvement as community actors.

Learning Outcomes used for Assessment

  • Students will engage in learning that integrates academic content with significant activities alongside Indianapolis community partners.
  • Students will connect the active learning experience to enlarge their understanding of community and public good in a pluralistic society.  
  • Students will demonstrate a commitment to ongoing community involvement and citizenship.

Corresponding University Outcomes

  • Students will explore various ways of knowing in the humanities, social and natural sciences, quantitative and analytic reasoning, and creative arts (Cognitiv—“know).
  • Students will demonstrate collaborative behavior with others (Psychomotor—“do”).
  • Students will make informed, rational, and ethical choices (Psychomotor—“do”).
  • Students will appreciate diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations (Affective—“value”).
  • Students will be exposed to the value of lifelong learning (Affective—“Value”).

For more information, please visit the Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC) website.  If you are a student and interested in enrolling in an Indianapolis Community Requirement (ICR) course, please visit the ICR Partnership with Students website.