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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum Exemptions

Core curriculum courses are distinctive in their interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, the pedagogies with which they are taught, and the commitment faculty have made to offer unique and provocative courses. They diverge significantly from the traditional introductory courses taught at many colleges and universities, as well as from learning experiences offered in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate. As a result, Core courses ordinarily will be completed at Butler. Students, nevertheless, can be exempted from one or more areas of the Core curriculum. In general, students are exempted from any areas in which they have a specified number of hours of disciplinary courses (typically nine hours). The specific exemptions for each area are described below:


FYS: First Year Seminar (2-semester sequence; 6 cr. hours)

No Exemption


GHS: Global & Historical Studies (6 cr. hrs.)

Exemption for 1 semester (3 hours) after successful completion of 9 or more credit hours of coursework while studying abroad in a Butler-approved program. All International students automatically receive a 1-semester (3 hours) exemption for GHS. Students may only receive exemption for 1 semester (3 hours) of GHS. 


AR: Analytical Reasoning (3 cr. hours)

Exemption after successful completion of at least 5 hours of mathematics or computer sciences courses above algebra and pre-calculus; students in professional colleges (COPHS or COB) with college mathematics requirements. MA106 and MA162 satisfy the AR requirement.


NW: The Natural World (5 cr. hours, with lab)

Exemption after successful completion of at least 8 hours of laboratory science.


PCA: Perspectives in the Creative Arts (3 cr. hours)  

Exemption after successful completion of at least 9 hours in the arts, including art; dance; theatre; music; digital media production; recording industry studies; or creative writing.


PWB: Physical Well Being (1 cr. hour)

Exemption for students who have fulfilled three credits of activity-based and wellness courses, including specific DA and PE courses.  


SW: The Social World (3 cr. hours)

Exemption after successful completion of at least 9 hours in the social sciences, including anthropology; education; international studies; journalism; organizational communication & leadership; media, rhetoric & culture; strategic communication; political science; sociology; economics; psychology; STS; or communication sciences & disorders. 


TI: Texts and Ideas (3 cr. hours)

Exemption after successful completion of at least 9 hours in the humanities, including most English; history; philosophy; religion; or literature courses taught in classical and modern languages. 


Social Justice and Diversity

No Exemption


Indianapolis Community Requirement  

No Exemption


Butler Cultural Requirement:

No Exemption

All JCA students have arts events attendance requirements regardless of area of study; this includes primary majors and secondary majors but not students who are pursuing only a JCA minor. Effective Spring 2016, students pursuing a primary or secondary major in JCA have fulfilled the university BCR requirement by completing the arts events attendance requirements as required by their area of study in JCA. 


Students should check their Advisement Report to see whether they have completed, or been exempted from, the various CORE curriculum requirements. Log on to, click on Self Service, and then from the dropdown under Other Academics, select Academic Requirements and click the blue button with the double right arrows.