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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Directors & Coordinators


James McGrath, Ph.D., Faculty Director, Core Curriculum

Donald Braid, Ph.D., Director, Center for Citizenship and Community—Indianapolis Community Requirement

Janis Crawford, Ph.D., Director, Speaking Across the Curriculum

Sunny Hawkins, Ph.D., Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

Sholeh Shahrokhi, Ph.D., Director, Global & Historical Studies

Robin Turner, Ph.D., Director, Social Justice and Diversity

Bill Watts, Ph.D., Director, First-Year Seminar


Area Coordinators

J. Rocky Colavito, Ph.D., Perspectives in the Creative Arts

Elizabeth Davis, Ph.D., The Natural World

Karen Holmes, Ph.D., Analytic Reasoning

Greg Shufeldt, Ph.D., The Social World

Brynnar Swenson, Ph.D., Texts & Ideas

Mindy Welch, Ph.D., Physical Well Being



Jason Head, Core Curriculum Program Coordinator


For more information on these positions, please visit the Core Position Descriptions FAQ.