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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Submitting a Core Course Proposal or Revision

The proposal will be reviewed by a faculty committee in one of the sub-areas. If approved, the proposal will be forwarded to the Core Curriculum Committee for review. If CCC approval is secured, the Registrar will notify the University Community by e-mail of approved courses, which will be available for review in the Proposals Published for Final Approval Review folder on the Core Curriculum site on Moodle for 15 days from the notification date. Approved courses standing without objection for the 15 day review period will be added to the Core. More information about the Core Course Proposal process is linked here


Core Course Proposal, or Core Course Revision?

When submitting a course for the Core, there are two forms to choose from: the New Core Course Proposal Form or the Core Course Revision Form. The New Core Course Proposal Form is for all courses that are new to the Core Curriculum, regardless of whether they are brand new courses at Butler or existing Butler courses that are simply not part of the Core yet. The Core Course Revision Form is used for all classes that are already part of the Core, and are simply adding or removing a designation, changing a syllabus or description, or some other minor change such as this.


What do I need to include with my application?

If you are submitting a New Core Course Proposal Form, please include the following:
If you are submitting a Core Course Revision Form, please include the following:

The Core Curriculum Committee requests that these documents be in this order, and combined into one file, to simplify and quicken the process of reviewing these applications. 


What is the deadline for submitting a Core Course Proposal/Revision?

The deadline for submitting proposals for spring courses is February 15 of the preceding year.

The deadline for submitting proposals for summer or fall courses is October 1 of the preceding year.


Where do I send a finished application?

Please send all applications to


I have a new FYS topic to propose. Do I need to submit a New Core Course Proposal?

No. As FYS is a topics course, the process for submitting new FYS topics is different. You will need to submit an FYS Topics Form.