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College of pharmacy and health sciences
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Student Concerns

Concerns for a student that require a higher level of care than you can provide

Butler fosters an encouraging and supportive atmosphere where everyone is empowered to support others for a strong, healthy, and connected community.

Report a Concern Form.

College or Program Specific Concerns

We value the opinions and concerns of our students. COPHS administrative policies regarding student concerns and complaints are outlined in our Student Handbook. Click here to access the Student Handbook.  These policies outline the process for handling concerns and complaints in a timely, fair and equitable manner for all parties involved.

Filing a complaint

The COPHS Student Handbook references the exact procedures to follow when a situation arises. All concerns/complaints must be submitted in writing.

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences welcomes feedback about our programs and services. You are welcome to contact the following individuals.

Academic, Curriculum concerns

Dr. Jennifer Snyder Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Supports student learning through management of course enrollments, monitoring curricular quality and continuity, determining student academic progress and constituting sanctions related to the Professional Conduct Code.

Student Organizations, Non-Academic concerns

Dr. Angela Ockerman, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Supports advising, co-curricular activities, student organizations, College student events, and assisting students in accessing other support services.

For the Accredited Pharmacy Program

In accordance with the U.S. Secretary of Education policies, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the pharmacy program accreditation agency, requires its pharmacy programs to address student complaints in compliance with ACPE standards. The provided link provides the ACPE Standards, as well as a form for students to file a complaint if Butler’s College of Pharmacy violates these standards, policies, and procedures.

For more information, visit the ACPE website at