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College of pharmacy and health sciences
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Doctor of Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences offers a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree program that prepares students to become advanced pharmacy practitioners who possess the knowledge and skills required to function as authorities on the use of medicines, and who can apply pharmaceutical and biomedical science to the practical problems of drug therapy. Doctor of pharmacy practitioners are capable of contributing to the interdisciplinary delivery of primary health care and can function as drug therapy information resource specialists. Students also are prepared for specialty professional studies and for graduate study in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum

Doctor of Pharmacy with Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Emphasis

Doctor of Pharmacy with Patient Care Research Emphasis

Doctor of Pharmacy with Medical Spanish Emphasis

Doctor of Pharmacy Honors Curriculum

Experiential Rotations

Experiential rotations give the student an opportunity to learn by doing. This crucial part of the pharmacy training program places students in working environments where they put classroom theories into practice.

During the final year of the professional phase, students participate in 10 one-month rotations at community pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory clinic practices. Hospital medical teams lead the clinical experiences. There are numerous choices for the type and location of rotations at excellent sites in Indiana and the nation.