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College of pharmacy and health sciences
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Research Equipment

Research infrastructure

Research equipment costing less than $5,000 is not listed.

Description Make Model
HPLC - Binary with PDA and Fluores Detectors Shimadzu LC-VP
HPLC - Binary with UV Detector Shimadzu Prominence
Triple quad Mass Spec. with ESI & APCI Applied Biosystems API 2000
Bench top freeze dryer Labconco 2.5 L BT FD
Dissolution Apparatus Vankel Vanderkemp 6000
Dissolution apparatus Vankel Vanderkemp 600
Spectrophotometer with flow-thru attachment Cary 1G
Particle sizer & Zeta Potential NICOMP 380 ZLS
Differential scanning calorimeter Perkin Elmer Diamond
Homogenizer - High speed Silverson SL2T
Refrigerated centrifuge - High speed BeckmanCoulter L8-70M
Refrigerated centrifuge - Medium speed BeckmanCoulter Avanti JE
Inverted Fluores. Microscope with Image Processing Nikon TE2000S & QICAM
Low temp (-10 to + 45°C) incubator VWR 2020
Liquid scintillation counter Perkin Elmer Packard 2900
Autoclave 85 L Hirayama HV-85
Incubator shaker Amerex Gyromax
Cryo biological sample storage Thermolyne Locator 8
Cell Harvester Brandel M-24
Bio Cabinet Fisher 4' wide
Bio Cabinet Esco 6' wide
Master cycler Grad Eppendorf 22331
Real Time PCR System BioRad CFX96/C100
Microscope Fisher 12-560-45
Freezer -86°C Fisher chest 7cu ft
Freezer -80°C Revco upright
HPLC with UV Detector Agilent HP 1050
Bench-top Refrigerated Centrifuge (eppendorf tube) Fisher Marathon 26 KMR
Nanopure Water System Barnstead Infinity
NanoDrop Spectrophotometer Thermo Fisher 2000c
Gel Imager Alpha Innotech FluorChemQ/Multi Image III
Multi-Mode Microplate Reader BioTek Synergy2
CO2 Incubator Nuaire NU5510
CO2 Incubator Nuaire NU5500
CO2 incubator Fisher Isotemp