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College of pharmacy and health sciences
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

COPHS Interprofessional Education

  Patients getting blood pressure takenInterprofessional Education

What is Interprofessional Education (IPE)?

Interprofessional education refers to occasions when students from two or more professions in health and social care learn together during all or part of their professional training to cultivate collaborative practice for providing patient-centered care.

Why is it Important?

The IPE program provides students in health professions a skill set that will ultimately increase patient safety, reduce errors, maximize efficiencies, and improve quality of care. 

IPE Vision Statement

All pharmacy and physician assistant graduates to be able to collaborate across professions to provide safe, cost-effective and efficient patient-centered care. 

IPE Mission

Our mission is to develop highly competent pharmacists and physician assistants who embrace the importance of interprofessional collaboration in ensuring and improving population health and individual health outcomes. 

IPE Objective

Our objective is to develop IPE experiences throughout the Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Science Physician Assistant Curriculum to promote achievement of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) core competencies of:

  • Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice
  • Roles/Responsibilities
  •  Interprofessional Communication
  • Teams and Teamwork

IPE Curriculum

Incorporates IPE throughout the curriculum through courses, experiential education and co-curricular activites.  Butler University collaborates with medical and other health profession preparatory schools to allow students across disciplines the opportunity to work together and learn how each functions in a health care team.

Director of Interprofessional Education

Trish DevineTrish Devine, Pharm. D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice


Phone: 317-940-9061

Office: PHSB203L