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COPHS Dual Degree Programs

cophs dual degrees


PharmD/MBA Dual Degree

The Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration dual degree program is a six-year curriculum with courses in both Butler’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and College of Business. You will complete prerequisites and professional courses in both colleges for the first five years during the spring, fall, and summer semesters. The sixth and final year is dedicated to experiential rotations; you’ll use what you’ve learned in the classroom in real-world pharmacy practice settings.

In addition to Pre-Pharmacy years 1 and 2, and Professional years 3–6, the following requirements must be met.

Course descriptions can be found in Class Search.

Business Choice 1

The following classes should be taken prior to the beginning of the junior year. The order of the classes isn’t important (except AC203 needs to be taken before AC204, and EC231 needs to be taken before EC232). Up to 12 credit hours may be taken outside of Butler University. If planning to take classes at another university, complete the transfer credit application and submit for approval BEFORE taking the class elsewhere. Not all classes are created equally; do not assume a basic business class from a community college will transfer. 

  • MS100, Business Excel
  • AC203, Accounting I
  • AC204, Accounting II 
  • EC231, Microeconomics
  • EC232, Macroeconomics
  • MS 264, Statistics 
  • MS 265, Information Technology 

Business Choice 2

 The following classes may not be taken before the junior year and many have prerequisites from the “Business Choice 1” classes. 

  • FN 340, Corporate Finance
  • MK380, Intro to Marketing Management
  • MG360, Organizational Behavior 


After being accepted into the MBA program, the following courses must be taken. MBA 505 must be taken first and MBA 545 must be taken last. The order of the other courses is not as important.

  • MBA505, Gateway Experience
  • MBA510, Leadership
  • MBA515, Legal and Ethical Operation of Business
  • MBA520, Managerial Accounting
  • MBA522, Business Practicum*
  • MBA525, Managerial Economics
  • MBA530, Financial Management
  • MBA535, Marketing Management and Research Methods
  • MBA540, Information Management and Business Analytics
  • MBA542, Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • MBA545, Integrated Capstone

 * May substitute MBA 571 Global Business Experience 

PharmD/Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dual Degree

One of the factors that limit many doctor of pharmacy (PhramD) students from pursuing advanced degrees is the time commitment of eight or nine years required to complete the PharmD degree, plus an advanced pharmaceutical sciences degree. The objective of this program is to provide students with a time- and financially-efficient way to meet their professional goals. The curriculum for the PharmD/MS dual degree integrates the existing curricula of the PharmD and the MS in pharmaceutical sciences.

The PharmD degree allows students to work in many facets of the practice of pharmacy. Offering a PharmD/MS dual degree allows PharmD students to pursue additional training in the area of pharmaceutical sciences research. Having a PharmD/MS dual degree aids in the recruitment and retention of outstanding pharmacy students with a strong interest in research, and makes graduates more competitive for positions in the pharmaceutical industry or for academic positions.

In addition to Pre-Pharmacy years 1 and 2, and Professional years 3–6, the following requirements must be met.

Course descriptions can be found in Class Search.

The following courses must be taken prior to entry into the graduate portion of the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program:

  • RX634, Seminars in Pharmaceutical Science (1)
  • RX601, Independent Study (1)
  • RX633, Current Topics in Pharmaceutical Science (1)
  • RX601, Independent Study (1)

Once admitted into the graduate program, the summer research is required following the P2 Year:

  • RX705/706 Research and Thesis (3)

Additional requirements during the third professional year of the PharmD program (P3) 

  • Fall Semester:
    • RX781, Seminars in Pharmaceutical Science (1)
    • RX783, Intro indo Pharmaceutical Research (2)
  • Spring Semester:
    • Liberal Education or Graduate-Level Electives (5)
    • RX701, Research and Thesis (1)
    • RX785, Biopharmaceutical Analysis (3)

Additional requirements during the fourth professional year of the PharmD program (P4) 

  • 3 graduate-level Research Rotations (12)
  • RX782, Ethics in Research (1)
  • RX780, Current Topics (1)​

NOTE: Degree requirements for incoming students may not reflect the actual degree requirements of current students.